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Pulmonary Program

Physician-led pulmonary program for patients with COPD/emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory care and management.

  • Respiratory therapist on-site
  • Physician-led program
  • Reduce return visits to the hospital
  • Decrease length of stay
  • Perform everyday tasks with less shortness of breath
  • Stay healthier and avoid exacerbations
  • Learn to manage disease, decrease symptoms, and maintain healthy behaviors

Meet Our Pulmonologists

Valley Pulmonary Medical Associates

Valley Pulmonary physicians are affiliated with Mercy Medical Center and Baystate Medical Center and are dedicated to helping patients with respiratory ailments breathe and function at the highest level possible.

Skin and Wound Care

Our program is physician-led and focused on the treatment and healing of acute and chronic wounds.

  • On-site wound care physician visits
  • Weekly rounds by wound care team
  • Therapy involvement for advanced wound care interventions
  • Licensed dietitian providing nutritional support
  • Availability of specialty beds and pressure relief equipment
  • Wound vac on-site
  • Negative pressure wound therapy available